TRIP REPORT: Escape to Baja’s Wine Country Tour, January 9, 2016

Let Escape to Baja arrange a private tour for your group to the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe. We helped Jeri K. of San Diego with a trip for her 60th birthday this past weekend. Here’s what she had to say about her escape to Baja’s Wine Country:

Adobe Guadalupe, Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico“Wow, what a weekend! Considering the torrential rain of only a few days before we really lucked out on the weather. Every single aspect of the trip was a fun adventure and we all loved it.

“The hotel is amazing and you almost feel like you’re in Tuscany, until you go outside. Most of us are big dog lovers so we were happy to have the dogs go on our walks and greet us when we came and left each day. Our driver really worked out well and he ended up putting in a lot of hours waiting for us while we were in the restaurants etc. and was flexible when we asked to take us places.

“We pretty much stayed on the itinerary including going on the “lake road” to get to Finca for lunch Saturday. The owners of the hotel were flabbergasted that we took the road we did as he said every single year cars get stuck. There were literally ponds going across the road but Felix went through them as we  if we were am amphibious vehicle… Honestly, it’s a miracle we did not get stuck.

“I would recommend the Villa de Valle bed and breakfast to anyone, as the food was amazing, including our breakfasts there. All our meals were exceptional, especially the first night at Corazon. We enjoyed all the wineries as well. That Adobe Guadalupe is so impressive…just beautiful.

Adobe Guadalupe, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

“Thanks for all you did to arrange the tours. Having a driver made all the difference as we could all just relax. My friends really spoiled me with a cake and gifts they brought, and a shot of Mescal with sal de gusano at Deckmans! A very memorable time was had by all and I appreciate what you did to help arrange everything. Thanks again.”

  • Jeri K., San Diego

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